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    We maintain and repair most rotating pump and blower equipment. Our engineers cover the UK and are experienced in maintaining and repairing the following types of pumps:

For larger pumps that are better serviced in-situ, we offer an assessment programme that is suited to Liquid Ring vacuum pumps. This includes on site performance testing to compare the pump’s actual performance with historical test results. Separately, we can also provide vibration analysis and the pumps service liquid flow measurements.

Regular, planned maintenance of critical process equipment is crucial to ensure your plant is running efficiently. Wasting time and money due to breakdowns should and can be reduced. If the unforeseen happens and your vacuum pump, low-pressure pump or blower does fail, we can get you up and running - quickly.

Prevention is, of course, better than cure. We can carry out on-site testing and diagnostics to identify potential areas of concern. A full report will keep you informed of the health of your vacuum and low-pressure pumps. Our unsurpassed programme of maintenance, by qualified and experienced engineers, is intended to keep your production processes running effectively and efficiently, keeping disruption to a minimum.


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